Ophelia Wilde


Intellectual sparring partner, dynamic conversationalist, and all around compelling distraction...

  -hi, I’m Ophelia.


As an avid traveler, I’ve always said that a city is not defined by the grandeur of its sights or the prestige of its history, but rather by the people you meet in it. With an expressively feminine body and a mind like a diamond, I am sure to be a woman to encounter. Care to have your passport stamped? You show me your world –I’ll show you mine.


5’6” | 130 LBS | 36-27-34 | 32DDD | US 4-6 dress | US 7 shoe

no enhancements, no tattoos, no piercings | early 20S | American | bi

Like a true Gemini, I'm dualistic.

I love anime and could spend hours falling into a Google-fueled research quest (how else does one learn about the nomadic, reindeer herding tribes native to arctic Russia?). But I also love ruby colored lingerie and a Fernet with Coke on the rocks. When I’m not lost in a book or doing yoga (and complaining about it), I spend my time loving on my dogs, backpacking around the world, and writing bad love poems –sometimes even good ones.


And me with you?

I’m engaging, warm, and genuinely love connecting with new people –and re-connecting with old friends. Aside from exploring the wonders of the world, I find the most rewarding part of my travels to be the friends I make along the way. I stay in hostels over hotels or resorts for precisely this reason. As Rumi so keenly expressed, “Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.” I love sharing stories and swapping playlists. I’m easy to laugh and have a clever wit. I relish the intoxication of a burning look and the shiver of desire that comes from brushing my knee gently against yours. I’m weak for rapture and crazy for authentic connection. Being with me is like being with your favorite girlfriend -like being with the best lover you've ever had at the height of your infatuation and splendor together.