Ophelia Wilde

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·      Money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice between consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor requested to be contracted for, or compensated for in any manner. Inquires about explicit acts, even in coded language, will end our communications immediately.


·      I happily spend a lot of time preparing for our date –I love the giddy excitement of getting ready for you. Please return the favor by arriving freshly showered and groomed: minty breath, cleanly shaven, and preferably fragrance free.


·      Please leave the consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter at the start of our date. Meeting in public? I’d love for you to tuck it in your favorite book or record–we’ll have even more to talk about the next time we meet. If you’re feeling more utilitarian, a card or small gift bag is perfectly fine.


·      My consideration is non-negotiable. Efforts to haggle with me are in poor taste and will not be entertained.


·      Too enamored to let go just yet? I’d love to extend our time together if my schedule allows for it. Regardless of our chemistry or connection, compensation is always required for additional time.


·      I have a relatively flexible cancellation policy. I know that a busy life can lead to an unpredictable schedule. However, last minute cancellations that occur the day of (or even hours before) will incur a 25%-50% fee. I am happy to make exceptions if I haven’t started getting ready for our date yet i.e. I’m still make-up free and lounging around reading or curled up with my dogs. (: Frequent cancellations may lead to the requirement of a partial or full deposit for future bookings.


·       I am rarely able to accommodate same day requests, although it never hurts to ask –especially if we’ve met before.


·       Sleepovers are meant to include sleep –at least eight hours of uninterrupted dreams for me. I love to cuddle and chat pressed against you in bed before we fall asleep, but to actually snooze I need to stretch out on my side of the bed in order to keep cool and comfortable. 


·       For multi-day getaways (or staycations longer than 24 hours), I kindly ask for two hours of alone time per day. I need time to work out, primp, and just generally recharge for you.