Brief Encounters

1 | (re)introduction: 1000

1.5 | the relaxed hour: 1300

2 | an exquisitely long lunch: 1500

3 | delectable dinner, playful dessert: 1900

4 | a slow dance, a lingering kiss: 2400

Dates three hours and longer are meant to include some public time together. Need ideas?

interactive theater | an intimate bar with live jazz | reading Lady Chatterly’s Lover to each other on a checkered picnic blanket in the park | a quiet matinée with the theater all to ourselves | a race to the top of the rock climbing wall at Brooklyn Boulders

Lengthy Affairs

6 | a show, a bottle of wine, an extended game of truth or dare: 3000

8 | escape the city or just the norm, it’s our world: 3400

14 | sunset to sunrise overnight, breakfast in bed: 4200

24 | use a vacation day, together we’re Bonnie & Clyde: 5000

72 | if you're ready to play weekend warrior with me: 12000


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